The 4 Best Small Business Design Tool in 2021

When you are running a small business, you need to design a logo, poster, and website. But you do not know neither design knowledge nor photoshop. Don’t worry, the Small Business design tools recommended below allow you who have never studied design to make professional designs.

Logo Maker: Logomakr

Logo Maker

Logomakr is a LOGO for Small Business design tool with paid and free versions. The free version contains thousands of icon materials and hundreds of different fonts. The built-in color scheme is diverse, you can freely arrange and combine the materials provided by the system to design a LOGO that meets your needs. Once the design is completed, you can export the designed LOGO, which is a good choice whether it is delivered directly to the customer or used as the basis for the next design iteration.


Small Business Design Tool for Poster: Canva

Poster Maker

Whether you need an flyer, poster, or birthday invitation, Canva can meet your requirements. it provides a large number of templates, and the free version meets most of your needs.


Website Builder: Universe

Website Builder for small business

I have used many website building tools. This is the simplest one. You can build a beautiful website on your phone without requiring you to understand design or code.

The App also provides a wealth of tutorials, teaching knowledge about the website, if you have the patience to learn, you can build a more professional website, just like a technology company


Invoice Maker:

Small Business Design Tool - Invoice Maker:

only needs a few clicks to create a professional and personalized invoice, and track and manage invoices. There are also functions for customer management, item management, accounting, and reporting. Help you run a small business.

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