How to make an invoice?

How to make an invoice? If you’re a working freelancer or small business owner, you need make an invoice that looks professional. It conveys your professionalism and reliability to your clients and gives you the fastest way to get their trust and payment. If you text your clients a picture of a note with a dollar sign, you probably won’t get paid.

FYI: No customer will want to see a document in word or excel format in their email attachment, the best format for an invoice is pdf!

How to Make an Invoice
invoice template

1. Business Name

First, you have to tell the client who sent him the invoice. We usually put the LLC or business name in the header of the invoice, but if you’re a freelancer it’s okay to put your name, adding a unique logo can make your invoice more aesthetically pleasing and good for your branding!

2. Business Information

Your invoices may be passed around many times before they finally get to the customer. Provide your name, number, and email so that people can contact you if any issues arise.

3. Client Information

It contains the customer’s name and address to let people know who the invoice is being sent to.

4. Invoice Number & Date

Theoretically, the invoice number is not duplicated, it ensures the uniqueness of the invoice.

You need to date every invoice so you can track payment and outstanding amounts if there’s ever a delay or discrepancy.

5. List of Services or Products 

It includes quantity, cost per unit, and total item cost.

This is the most essential part of your invoice, Detailed breakdowns will give the client a clear picture of your work or this deal.

6. Total Amount Due

Ensure that the total amount due is prominently displayed on the invoice. If necessary, there should also be a total amount excluding tax, the total amount including tax, paid, payable.

7. Preferred Payment Method & Comment

Tell the customer what payment methods you support (Paypal, bank transfer…, if you have multiple payment methods, prioritize showing the way you want your customers to pay.

Use your experience to write down things that customers should be aware of, such as payment terms, service instructions, etc. to reduce confusion.

How to Make an Invoice Efficient?

You can use software to help you make invoice.