What Is the Invoice Number?

The invoice number is a unique number generated when a company invoices its customers. This number is included on the invoice and is used to track payments. When a customer makes a payment, they reference this number to show that the funds were used for that particular invoice. What is an invoice? An invoice isContinue reading “What Is the Invoice Number?”

How to Design a Small Business Logo in 2021?

You may already have a very special name, but I don’t think you should refuse to have another graphic logo with which to represent you or your Small Business, it’s a cool thing. In the last article we recommended some simple design tools, this time we talk about how to design a logo for yourContinue reading “How to Design a Small Business Logo in 2021?”

The 4 Best Small Business Design Tool in 2021

When you are running a small business, you need to design a logo, poster, and website. But you do not know neither design knowledge nor photoshop. Don’t worry, the Small Business design tools recommended below allow you who have never studied design to make professional designs. Logo Maker: Logomakr Logomakr is a LOGO for SmallContinue reading “The 4 Best Small Business Design Tool in 2021”