What Is the Invoice Number?

The invoice number is a unique number generated when a company invoices its customers. This number is included on the invoice and is used to track payments. When a customer makes a payment, they reference this number to show that the funds were used for that particular invoice.

What is an invoice?

An invoice is a bill, a list of products or services provided to a customer that must be paid for. It is a list of products or services provided to the customer for which payment must be made. An invoice is issued by the seller (or supplier) near the end of the transaction process, when the product has been delivered or the service has been rendered. The invoice details the price previously agreed upon, which the buyer should pay now that the order has been completed.

How to Make an Invoice
invoice template

A proper invoice should include the following

  • Invoice date
  • Invoice number
  • Supplier contact name, company name, address, phone number, email address
  • Customer contact name, company name, address, phone number, email address.
  • Purchase order number
  • Description of the product or service, including price and quantity.
  • Date of delivery of the product or service to be provided
  • Subtotal
  • Taxes
  • Total
  • Payment terms (when payment is due)
  • Late Payment Warning
  • Payment Method

Do invoices need an invoice number?

Invoice numbers are important because they provide a way for businesses to track not only whether a payment has been made or not, but also a way to track the payer.

Often customers will reject invoices that do not provide an invoice number because it makes tracking payments impossible or difficult. This means that the vendor must take the time to reissue the invoice.

Sequential Invoice Numbering

Most enterprise accounting software uses sequential invoice numbering by default. Sequential invoice numbering is the basis for creating unique invoice numbers. The invoice number starts with the number “1” unless you override it. For example, if you prefer a five-digit invoice number, you can replace the “1” with the number “10000”.

Chronological Invoice Numbering

Assign invoice numbers in chronological order. For example, the invoice number format generated on an invoice with customer number 1024 on January 20, 2021 would be 20210120-1024-00. The first series of digits is the date, the second series of digits is the customer number, and the third series of digits is the sequential unique identifier for the invoice.

Begins with a customer number

Invoice numbers begin with a customer number to give yourself an assisted method of identifying an invoice as belonging to a specific customer by just looking at the invoice number. This method is similar to the chronological numbering method. An invoice numbering system that relies on a customer number will start with that number.

If you generate a second invoice for that customer on that date, the invoice number will be 20210120-1024-01. Use any date format you choose. Available date formats include 01202021 210120, and 012021.

Start with the Project Number

If you want to determine which project an invoice belongs to by looking at the invoice number, use the project number as part of the invoice number. This method of invoice numbering is beneficial for construction companies and other companies that take on projects, where the project number is one of the most important numbers. The invoice number begins with a unique project code, followed by the date.

Examples of project invoice numbers include 1024-SW555-01 (customer, project, sequential) and SW555-1024-01 (project, customer, sequential).

How to Design a Small Business Logo in 2021?

You may already have a very special name, but I don’t think you should refuse to have another graphic logo with which to represent you or your Small Business, it’s a cool thing.

In the last article we recommended some simple design tools, this time we talk about how to design a logo for your own small business

Use the name of your small business

First you have to decide on the font in the logo, you can choose an existing font or if interested, you can design one yourself to make it your own unique presence.

A pure text might look a little flat, try to give him some thickness and it creates a three-dimensional effect. The font style should ideally be the same as the font commonly used in your small business

small business logo

You can streamline the information and use initials as the body of the logo.

small business logo

It doesn’t matter if it’s abstract, although it’s hard to see the initials clearly, but the meaning of the logo and the precise message are two different things, so don’t get too hung up on it.

small business logo

We can try the three-dimensional effect we just mentioned, to enhance the perspective and sense of space, not limited to the plane, so that the composition of the initials seems to be good. In this way, we can use existing text or patterns to form various “initials” with symbolic meanings, and feel free to use our inspiration to achieve what we want to express.

small business logo

In addition to the initials, we can also use “abstract graphics” as a creative idea, for example, we can find some characteristic or regular patterns in the name and change them to meet the expression of the meaning.

small business logo

The more abstract a logo is, the easier it is for you to elaborate its meaning. We can create a graphic that looks satisfactory and then analyze it to explain its meaning.

small business logo

We can also extract the features of the text for abstraction to complete the element creation. I can say that this logo expresses the process of graphic growth, I can also say that it is a spotlight, representing light and shadow, just be brave.

small business logo

I can say that the logo is two sets of infinity symbols, I can also say that it is a symbol of communication and connection or something like that, as long as the graphic design is free enough, there is enough room for interpretation.

small business logo

Express in graphics what your small business does

In addition to words and abstract graphics, we can also try to create a fusion of elements. I don’t have any suitable symbols either, because I deal with three models every day, and assuming the symbol is a cube, then fusing the initials with the symbols will give us this result.

small business logo
small business logo

If, like me, you or your small business doesn’t have a symbol that you feel comfortable abstracting, try creating a figurative symbol, like a portrait is a good choice, a division I kinda like, try a different style. Pixel style seems to look good too.

small business logo
small business logo

With symbols you can try graphic fusion using the previous method, for example, a normal handwritten logo looks like this, but if you go about writing it this way, you can compose your graphic with words. Of course the opposite is true, you can also use graphics to form words, both are good ways to create.

small business logo

While the above is all about adding graphics to the image, we can also cut out some graphics from the existing image to create a clever allegorical effect. For example, the classic example is the FedEx logo, where the “x” is intentionally flattened so that the “negative” space forms the shape of an arrow, and when people find the little egg, they will think it is a very interesting logo, not just a few letters.

Fedex logo

The way to express the symbolic meaning is also not only limited to static graphics inside the design of a dynamic logo is also a cool option.

It is important to design a logo that satisfies you, but this is only the first step, how to make people recognize it, remember your small business and evoke it is the real value of a logo.

by oooohygosh

The 4 Best Small Business Design Tool in 2021

When you are running a small business, you need to design a logo, poster, and website. But you do not know neither design knowledge nor photoshop. Don’t worry, the Small Business design tools recommended below allow you who have never studied design to make professional designs.

Logo Maker: Logomakr

Logo Maker

Logomakr is a LOGO for Small Business design tool with paid and free versions. The free version contains thousands of icon materials and hundreds of different fonts. The built-in color scheme is diverse, you can freely arrange and combine the materials provided by the system to design a LOGO that meets your needs. Once the design is completed, you can export the designed LOGO, which is a good choice whether it is delivered directly to the customer or used as the basis for the next design iteration.


Small Business Design Tool for Poster: Canva

Poster Maker

Whether you need an flyer, poster, or birthday invitation, Canva can meet your requirements. it provides a large number of templates, and the free version meets most of your needs.


Website Builder: Universe

Website Builder for small business

I have used many website building tools. This is the simplest one. You can build a beautiful website on your phone without requiring you to understand design or code.

The App also provides a wealth of tutorials, teaching knowledge about the website, if you have the patience to learn, you can build a more professional website, just like a technology company


Invoice Maker:

Small Business Design Tool - Invoice Maker:

only needs a few clicks to create a professional and personalized invoice, and track and manage invoices. There are also functions for customer management, item management, accounting, and reporting. Help you run a small business.

How to make an invoice?

How to make an invoice? If you’re a working freelancer or small business owner, you need make an invoice that looks professional. It conveys your professionalism and reliability to your clients and gives you the fastest way to get their trust and payment. If you text your clients a picture of a note with a dollar sign, you probably won’t get paid.

FYI: No customer will want to see a document in word or excel format in their email attachment, the best format for an invoice is pdf!

How to Make an Invoice
invoice template

1. Business Name

First, you have to tell the client who sent him the invoice. We usually put the LLC or business name in the header of the invoice, but if you’re a freelancer it’s okay to put your name, adding a unique logo can make your invoice more aesthetically pleasing and good for your branding!

2. Business Information

Your invoices may be passed around many times before they finally get to the customer. Provide your name, number, and email so that people can contact you if any issues arise.

3. Client Information

It contains the customer’s name and address to let people know who the invoice is being sent to.

4. Invoice Number & Date

Theoretically, the invoice number is not duplicated, it ensures the uniqueness of the invoice.

You need to date every invoice so you can track payment and outstanding amounts if there’s ever a delay or discrepancy.

5. List of Services or Products 

It includes quantity, cost per unit, and total item cost.

This is the most essential part of your invoice, Detailed breakdowns will give the client a clear picture of your work or this deal.

6. Total Amount Due

Ensure that the total amount due is prominently displayed on the invoice. If necessary, there should also be a total amount excluding tax, the total amount including tax, paid, payable.

7. Preferred Payment Method & Comment

Tell the customer what payment methods you support (Paypal, bank transfer…, if you have multiple payment methods, prioritize showing the way you want your customers to pay.

Use your experience to write down things that customers should be aware of, such as payment terms, service instructions, etc. to reduce confusion.

How to Make an Invoice Efficient?

You can use software to help you make invoice.